This is a blog with spoiler free reviews. Most will be Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror, but there will be some books in other genres, including the occasional Non-Fiction review. There is an ongoing series of Cover Reveal Round-Ups, and sometimes I'll write an article on something that interests me.


I have plans to review all of Stephen King's books. As I do that I will put the links to the individual reviews here. They will be ordered after publication date.

I have also written a short article about this, you can find that here.


Carrie, 1974
The Shining, 1977
The Dead Zone, 1979
Thinner (as Richard Bachman), 1984
IT, 1986
Four Past Midnight (collection), 1990
Dolores Claiborne, 1992
The Regulators (as Richard Bachman), 1996
The Green Mile, (first published as a serial novel) 1996
Bag of Bones, 1998
The Colorado Kid (novella), 2005
Just After Sunset (collection), 2008
11.22.63, 2011
Joyland, 2013
Doctor Sleep, 2013
Mr Mercedes, 2014

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