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25 July, 2012



   Back in May I posted that I hoped I would have a new internet connection up and running within three weeks. Well, that was very optimistic of me, it took about a month more than I thought it would. Now I have an internet connection that is stable, and should continue to work fine. And I must say that is bliss after the shitty connection I had before. It feels very good going to the computer knowing that I will be able to go online, and not having to walk to the PC "praying" that I'll be able to go online today.


   Now that I actually have a stable internet connection, I will be blogging regularly. I plan to have a post up each weekday, and one on either Saturday or Sunday. But plans can of course change without notice, sometimes things happen.

   I have of course been reading books when I have had no internet (, although I do follow the Tour de France, so the last three weeks I haven't done that much reading). When I read I take pretty extensive notes, so I have a lot of material from which to write reviews. (NOTE: I could have written reviews in Word or OpenOffice and just posted them later, but sitting in front of a computer that should be online just makes me pissed, and that makes for bad reviewing.)
   Coming up are reviews of some Stephen King books, the two next books in The Inheritance Trilogy (first reviewed here), the two Strange Chemistry launch titles, a couple of non-SFF books, and several SFF books. And I will be doing some articles, more cover reveal round-ups and maybe some new stuff I've been thinking about.

   I hope you will find what I have coming up interesting, and that you will continue to follow my blog. Tomorrow I'll have another review up.

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