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25 August, 2012


   There's not a whole lot of SFF being published in Norway these days,  but relatively new publisher Vendetta Forlag (Forlag=Publisher) -who does the Norwegian A Song of Ice and Fire editions- are publishing at least some titles, and they have plans for more. And there's a steady, but small trickle of SFF books that are getting Norwegian editions from the bigger publishers.
   I know there's an interest in international covers among fans of SFF, soI'll do an article like this one Norwegian covers from time to time.

    This one has already been published by Vendetta Forlag: The cover is for World War Z by Max Brooks. As you can see the Norwegian title is just "Z". I think that's a god thing, a direct Norwegian translation would be "Verdenskrig Z". That sounds really clunky in Norwegian, and I'm glad they did not go with that.

   I'm a bit embarrassad to say that this is actually the first Norwegian edition of Neil Gaiman's American Gods. It was published 20 August by Vendetta Forlag. The title is a direct translation of the original, and works very well in Norwegian.

   This pair is the two Norwegian covers for the Norwegian editions, again by Vendetta Forlag, of A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin. (It's standard practice in Norway to split up large books when they are translated, and it happens in all genres.)
    The first part (top) is called "Kongenes Kamp", which is a direct translation. Well...almost. Translate it back to English, and you get The Kings' Clash(/Battle). The second one is titled "Dragenes Dronning", which in English would be literally The Dragon's Queen, but would most likely be translated as The Queen of Dragons.

   Hope you find these interesting. I'll try to keep you up to date with Norwegian covers for translated SFF, and I may do covers for original Norwegian SFF later.


  1. Vendetta Forlag has some cool covers. I particularly like the one for Amerikanske Guder - makes me want to try out the Norwegian translation for once. (But I work as a translator, so it's hard to read a translation without looking for errors...)

    1. I've almost stopped reading English books translated to Norwegian. Some times I see errors than make me cringe. And in some cases I've seen sentences that are so clunky I have to translate them back into English to make sense of what the author actually ment to write.
      But then again, it can't be easy translating from English to Norwegian when most of the readers will have a working knowledge of the original language.