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05 April, 2013


 So the news about Night Shade Books is all over the internet now, and a lot of details have started "leaking" out today. Some of the posts can be found here, here, and here. I didn't write anything here about this yesterday (since I had a headache and wasn't up to it), but I did post on the AW forum, and that was linked to by Publishers Weekly.

   Today this was posted by a literary agent at the JABberwocky Literary Agency. The post gives a detailed rundown of the contract offered to the Night Shade Books authors, a contract that has now been put on Scribd. (And I have confirmation that is the real contract).

   But what is more interesting is a couple of names mentioned in the brillblogger post (and elsewhere). Here's a quote from the brillblogger post:

"Is SFWA aware that Jarred Weisfeld is also a principal in a literary agency, Objective Entertainment, and is this information that SFWA might wish to provide?"

   Objective Entertainment has been a subject of a post on Writer Beware in the past.
   Jarred Weisfeld has also been the subject of his own post on the site Lipstick Alley, in relation to a lawsuit, and an article in The New York Observer, having to do with the same lawsuit.
   All three of the above links are four years old, so things may have changed since they were written. But there is more recent information on Skyhorse Publishing over on the Absolute Write Forums, where the newest information is from March this year. (Starts at post #19.)

   As a humble blogger, I find the information I have gotten a bit disturbing. This doesn't actually look like someone that would be desirable to work with, and I'm a bit amazed if this is the best Night Shade Books could do for its authors.

   I'll be following developments, and if I get any more information that has not come up in the discussion about Night Shade Books, I will blog about it here

EDIT 11 April: I've posted more about this here.


  1. This is a real bummer. Some of these books might be collectable in the future if they get discontinued. I hope it gets resolved, there is a lot of talent in their lineup.

  2. I'm NOT surprised this is the best NightShade could (or would) do. To be frank, NightShade has always run their business extremely badly. I wouldn't expect them to exit publishing with a more together plan than they entered it with.

  3. Have just encountered your page and I guess you should be complimented for this piece. More power to you!


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