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15 October, 2013


   This debut novel will be out 13 February 2014 from Headline. The art is by Patrick Insole. I love this cover, I think it is absolutely great. It's a cover that sticks to the tried and tested (-there is a dragon-) but still manages to be different. -Really looking forward to getting my hands on this one!

   This cover by Amazing 15 is for the sequel to Emilie & the Hollow World (review). It will be out 4 March 2014 from Strange Chemistry. I liked the cover to the first book, and this is a perfect companion to that. I like this cover style in general, and having read the first book, I know it fits very well with the inside of the book.

   Coming in February 2014 from Gollancz. This cover has art by Andreas Preis, and is designed by Craig Fraser. This cover drew my eye the first time I saw it, it's different enough to stand out. I like it, and the style it is done in. -The title also looks very interesting.

   Art by Alejandro Colucci, out 25 March 2014 from Angry Robot books. This is the sequel to the soon to be released Heartwood. I really liked the first cover, and I really like this one. -Looking forward to soon be reading the first book.

   You may remember this title from an earlier cover reveal post. This cover is for the PS Publishing edition, and it's by Pedro Marques. It's a very good cover, and it does make you look at it more than twice.

   So over to five covers from Gollancz, for their re-issue - in Hardcover - of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books. The covers are all by Joe McLaren. You can get the release dates, and see more of the covers, here.
I like these covers. They may have a simple style, but they are very good at capturing the books they represent.


  1. I quite like the new Pratchett covers!

    1. Me too. And since I want the Discworld books in hardcover anyway... :-)