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16 May, 2012


   Hello blog readers,

   It's been a while since I posted on the blog, and that has not been my intention. I've had trouble with my internet again, and I have really hated not being able to post anything since April. I had plans to get my own internet, instead of the one that I use now that belongs to my landlord, earlier this year after having internet trouble last year. But when I checked out the prices I found that I had to pay about $250 for the box I need to get it. For me that is quite a lot of money, so I delayed in the hope that things were fixed. Unfortunately that turned out to not be the case.
   I've now made the decision to get my own internet, and that should be up and running within three weeks. I'll post when I can up to that time, but I can't guarantee that the internet I have now won't be down again. But hopefully I will be able to get some reviews and other posts up before that.

   Hope you have some patience with me, and that you continue to read the blog.

Your humble blog author,

Ole (aka Weirdmage)

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