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29 April, 2012


   Let's start with a cover that was revealed over at Fantasy Faction earlier this week.

   From Jo Fletcher books, we have this rather minimalist cover for Tom Pollock's The City's Son. I like it, despite being minimalistic it manages to convey a lot. We have the creatures in the text, and the London skyline at the bottom that together says to me we are in for Urban Fantasy set in London. I like that this doesn't look like every other Urban Fantasy cover out there, it's a cover I think will stand out.

   Moving on to a trilogy being re-issued by Roc.

   I like the style of these covers very much, they are elegant, and uncluttered. Perhaps not very original for Fantasy, but it works very well in my opinion. Having read the first two of these books in Norwegian, and really enjoyed them, I'm looking forward to them becoming available again, and I will be getting them. Release dates are: Lord Valentine's Castle - May 2012, Majipoor Chronicles - September 2012, and Valentine Pontifex - January 2013.

   Then we have the Angry Robot Books cover for Adam Christopher's Seven Wonders (,out in September), with art by Will Staehle. Very nice design, it looks absolutely gorgeous - nothing more to say about it really.

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