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01 April, 2012


Some of my Stephen King books.


   If you have been reading this blog for a while you may have noticed that I from time to time review books by Stephen King. There's been six reviews of King's books on this blog so far. But I have no intention of stopping there.
   I have been reading King for about fifteen years, I started with a Norwegian translation of Carrie. And so far I have read 40 of his books, including four (, five if you count Blaze,) of his Bachmann novels and all his collections. This should give you an idea that I am a fan of Stephen King's books, and I still really enjoy reading them. To be frank I have a little trouble understanding those that grow tired of reading his books.

   Even before I started this blog I was planning to read everything King has written, and I do still have that plan. But shortly before starting this blog I also decided it would be a neat idea to review all of Stephen King's books. And that is something that I still propose to do. 
   This is not a project that I will try to fasttrack, so it will probably take me a few years. I do however have some King books read lately that I haven't reviewed so I am confident that I will be able to review at least one King book a month in the future.
   I also said, maybe a bit hastily, on Twitter that I was going to read all of King's Dark Tower books in April. I haven't read more than the first three, and those only in Norwegian translation. Actually I don't even own any of the English editions yet, but I plan to buy them in the coming week, so if they are not suddenly unavailable they will be read before I buy the new Dark Tower book, The Wind Through the Keyhole, in the beginning of May. (There's no bookshop selling English books where I live, so I go to Oslo about once a month to buy books. I love browsing in bookstores.) I will probably be reviewing these in April too, so there's going to be quite a lot of King books reviewed here in the next two months.

   There you have it, it's now out in the open. I am planning to review every book Stephen King has ever written on this blog. So, what do you think of my plans? Any comment on my review project, and Stephen King's books in general are welcome.

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