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31 March, 2012


   Note: For those of you who are wondering, that is the Roman numeral 2 up between the ( and the ) up there in the title. It's not an attempt at an emoticon gone wrong.

   I'm not very actively searching for covers for these posts, I just post what has caught my eye during the week. But if you are a publicist, editor, etc that want to give me a heads up on a new cover, you can contact me by the e-mail on the right or on Twitter @Weirdmage.
   So, on to this weeks covers:

Cover design: Neil Lang

   This is the cover for Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff, to be published by Tor UK. 
   I think this cover really works, it looks good and the design gives a depth to it I like. It is also different enough from the usual photo covers that I think it will stand out.
   The book itself also seems very interesting, on the Tor UK blog it's described as "This is an adventurous dystopian fantasy with a hint of steampunk and a flavour of feudal Japan.", and I must say that sounds interesting, and it also seems the cover keeps with the description.

Cover design: Lauren Panepinto

   Cover for Wolfhound Century by Peter Higgins, to be published by Orbit in the US, and Gollancz in the UK.
   This is Peter Higgins' debut novel. It is set in an alternate Stalinist Russia, and there are hints that there are some fantastical elements to it. The cover has a very nice design, I especially like the wings added to the familiar Soviet symbol. It made me look twice, and I like the uncluttered feel of it.

Cover by Larry Rostant

   This cover for Shift by Kim Curran is the second we have seen from Strange Chemistry. It is not a final version, but I can't see much need for change.
   I really like how action filled this cover is. It has a sense of being a captured frame from a movie. Looks like it is set on a subway/tube train, but what is that light in the background? It's very good when covers get you wondering what is happening in my opinion, and this cover certainly does that.

Cover art: Steven Wood

   If this looks familiar, it is because I had this on the post last week, but now it has text added to it and this is the finalised version that we will see in stores. Oh, and it's the cover for Blackwood by Gwenda Bond, coming from Strange Chemistry.
   I think I said enough about how much I like this last week. So I'll just add that I think the text suits the cover just fine, it doesn't take attention away from the gorgeous art.

Last weeks Cover Reveal Round-Up is here.

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