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19 July, 2013


   Only a week since last time I did one of these posts, so most of these will be pretty new, or at least new-ish, reveals. I'll just get on with it:

   First up we have a Science Fiction cover by Will Staehle, who also did the covers for Adam Christopher's books from Angry Robot Books. This book will be out in March 2014 from Tor Books, and you can read more about the design of it on  I think it's a good cover, although I have to admit I am not a fan of that shade of green

   This the cover for the third Shadow Ops book, it's by Michael Komarck. The book will be out in January 2014 from Ace. I must admit that I haven't had time to get to Cole's books yet, they are however on my radar. This cover makes me more interested in reading the books, it's a really nice one.

   A good cover by Stephen Youll for this second book in another Dune trilogy. Kevin J. Anderson has some words about how it came into being on his blog. I have all six original Dune books, but have not even re-read the original novel (the only one I have read) after buying them. Based on this cover alone, I feel like I should get going on those so I can catch up.

    This Zach McCain cover is for a novella coming in March 2014 from Dark Fuse. This cover, combined with the cover copy, makes this something I really want to read. (That was a not-so-subtle hint that I'd appreciate it if you could get me an ARC, Colin.) The cover does have a certain At the Mountains of Madness feel to it, and in my book that is a very good thing.

   This is the cover for a collection of short stories by Adrian Tchaikovsky, coming from Newcon Press in (about) the middle of August, with art by Jim Burns. I think it's a good cover, it certainly has me curious about the stories in it. (You can see a list of stories here.)

    The last cover today is for the third book in the The Walking Dead novel trilogy, coming in October from Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin's Press. I've watched the TV series, and quite enjoy it - despite it being a bit uneven in story quality. I think this cover represents the franchise very well from what I know of it from watching the TV show.


  1. Loving the cover art for Mentats of Dune!

  2. OMG me too!! Stephen Youll has been a favorite artist of mine for quite some time - he's done some amazing covers over the years, but this one for Mentats is stunning!!


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