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27 July, 2013


   First off this time is another cover for a Strange Chemistry book, it's an imprint that lives up to the Angry Robot Books tradition of having very good and interesting covers. This one is by Steven Mayer-Rossow, and the book will be out 1 October. It's absolutely a nice cover that goes very well with the cover copy. I like it, especially the fox symbol at the top.

   This one is actually already out, at least in e-book. The print edition will follow in late August. It's from Night Shade Books. All I need to say is that this is a brilliant cover for a Horror anthology, and that it's by Allen Williams.

   This is the Tor UK cover for this book. I've done the US one previously. This one has art by Angelo Rinaldi, and will be released 21 November. And according to the author, this is a better likeness of the main character than the US cover. It's also in line with the previous UK covers. I really like it, a great cover. And that sort of pains me, because I have the US edition of the first four books and I can't really justify using what little money I have to get four new UK editions of the previous books. (And seeing as I am a completist I'd have to do that if I got this one...)

   Del Rey cover for the UK edition of Hines's sequel to Libriomancer. It's by Larry Rostant, who seems to always be able to make great covers. I think it's a very good cover, and it actually makes me want to get the first book before this is released 7 November.

I'll end this post with three Mammoth Book of... anthologies from Robinson (,meaning this is UK editions of the anthologies. US names may differ). (Sadly I don't have any artist information on these.)

   This long running series gets a very traditional cover. I'm not sure I like the double-vision effect, it's a bit confusing. If it hadn't been for the text and the woman in the foreground I'd have thought it was an error. It will be out 19 September.

   Another long running series, and another rather traditional cover. I like this cover, it looks very suitable for a Horror anthology and I would certainly take a second look at it if I saw it in a bookstore. This one will be out 17 October.

   This one looks really interesting. More because of the title than the art perhaps, but it really is eyecatching. We'll have to wait until 21 November for this.

   As always you are more than welcome to put any thoughts you have on the covers, and even the books inside them, in the comment field below.


  1. The cover for "Best Horror of the Year" is freaking creepy! Got to congratulate the artist on that one, certainly!

  2. I love the UK cover for Codex Born. Unfortunately the US cover is not so good.

  3. I'm ok with the US cover to Codex Born. Currently a little over 50% through the book now. Better than the first, maybe.

    Libriomancer I NEVER would have picked up based on the cover (yeah, I'm one of those people) but it got a good review and five stars by Patrick Rothfuss, and who am I to argue with genius. It's a good, fun read.