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03 September, 2013


   This is the cover to the second book in The Stormlight Archive. I liked the first book well enough that I will be getting this. The cover is technically very good. However, unless there's a serious shift in the story, 18th Century pirates/Revolutionary War soldiers are not going to be in this. So someone who is clearly one of those two should not be on this cover. If I had been in any way uncertain about buying this book, this cover would have made it a definitive no. It just doesn't look like an Epic Fantasy book I'd want to read. -You can read about how the cover was made here.

   This is a completely different cover than the one above. This one is done by Will Staehle for a January 28th 2014 release from Angry Robot books. This certainly catches my eye, but I am not sure if I like it or not. I actually think I'll have to see this "in the flesh" to decide. -Sketches for other versions of this cover can be found here.

   An upcoming collection of stories dedicated to David Gemmel has gotten a cover by Dominic Harman. It will be out 31 October, and you can find full table of contents here. I must say I really like this cover. It's simple and forceful, and fits the subject matter perfectly. Couldn't really think of any way this could have been better.

   The cover for the new Discworld novel, the third featuring Moist von Lipwig. The book is coming from Doubleday 24 October, and the cover is by Paul Kidby. Not much to say here really, I love Discworld, and I love the covers. Really looking forward to this one.

   I just reviewed the previous book in this series yesterday. (I actually found this cover when looking for the previous cover for my review.) I don't think I'm going out on a limb if I say this too is by Steward Noack/Don Sipley with design by Lauren Panepinto. It will be out 12 November from Orbit. I think the cover really fits with both the previous ones and the series as a whole, and I have a thing for, great cover!

   Art by Andy Bigwood, release from Newcon Press Easter(Con) 2014. This one is really stylised, and has a colour that makes it pop out from a mile away. I really like this cover, sometimes simple is simply better.

   This is the cover, by Jason Chan, for the first book in a new series called The Book of the Black Earth, it will be released in March 2014 by Pyr. This cover makes me want to check it out. And that's really a cover's job, isn't it.

   Finally, there's three covers for paperback re-releases. At least one of these should be out already. I like the subtle difference from the original covers on these. I have only got as far as book one on this series (, and I liked that enough that I really want to read the next two now that I write this), but these covers are do suit the books better than the original ones in my opinion.

   As usual I welcome any thoughts you have on these. And I especially would like to hear if anyone has the same feeling as me on the cover for Words of Radiance.

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