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07 May, 2014


   Well, my Doctor Who Week didn't exactly go to plan. I had not counted on lurgy and computer problems. I have however reviewed the Doctor Who stories I was planning to, and you can find them either in the April 2014 blog archive in the sidebar, or in the Tie-In/Shared World Index ( ,tab at top of page). I will read and review more Doctor Who books in the future. I have another review of a Time Trips story coming up tomorrow, and the picture at the top is of the Doctor Who books in my TBR* pile.

   What I also wanted to do is post that I planned to end my Doctor Who Week with:


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   My first experience with Doctor Who was on Super Channel. Considering how few channels we had back then in Norway (, I think it was five,) I probably watched it when it was first shown, which according to BroaDWcast on the Gallifrey Base website would make it late March 1987. I distinctly remember watching the regeneration at the start of Robot. I am also pretty sure I watched the death of the Fourth Doctor, but if this is correct, I couldn't have. I think it is correct, looking at this list, and thinking back, it looks correct from what I remember, but it was a while ago... What I am certain of is that I watched Doctor Who on Super Channel every time I could. I rewatched it when I could too.
Anyway, this lead to me buying an issue of Doctor Who Magazine when I was in London in 1988. I think I still have that among my stuff in storage in Norway (, waiting to be brought over to the UK at a later date).
   So, Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor, is my Doctor Who in the sense that most people count those things. And he does have a special place for me because he was the first one I saw as The Doctor.

   It would take about ten years until my next encounter with Doctor Who, that was on BBC Prime and also on Norwegian cable. At the time they were showing episodes of the Fifth Doctor. This time I was taping the episodes on my VCR. They only showed one or two at a time, and for some reason that is lost in the mists of time I never really managed to get a whole story on tape. There was one exception to that, but I can't for the life of me remember which one it was.
   I can still remember how annoying it was not getting all the episodes in a series on tape, and to this day I have still to watch more than that one full story of Peter Davidson's Doctor.

   And then we are up to 2006 or 2007. NRK, the Norwegian BBC, started sending episodes of the Ninth Doctor on their NRK 3 channel. (Coincidentally, this channel is a children's channel during the day whose name is NRK Super.) The first one I caught was The Empty Child.
   I was of course hooked at once. And although NRK was erratic with sending Doctor Who, and I think they stopped after season three, I later got some BBC channels that have allowed me to catch up with all of new Who.
   Earlier this year I moved to the UK to live with Jo, and I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to watch Doctor Who on BBC with the rest of the UK.

*TBR - To Be Read
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