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24 February, 2014


   So, as I have previously mentioned I have a girlfriend who lives in South Yorkshire. Since I wrote my last post from South Yorkshire two things happened simultaneously: On 20 February I had my 40th 29th birthday, and I moved in with my girlfriend. That means that I am now officially, and in reality, living in the United Kingdom.

   Living in the United Kingdom may have some effects on my blogging. I have already changed my address on NetGalley, and I am not sure if I will be getting e-ARCs from US publishers. (Norway is an "open territory" when it comes to rights, so I have been able to get hold of both US and UK books.) I do however hope that I will be able to get my hands on some UK ARCs that I have previously not been able to get.
   Another thing that will happen is that I will be blogging more. Where I lived last year the internet connection was "not optimal", meaning I couldn't blog as much as I wanted to. Now that I am a place where I have access to an internet connection that is more stable I should be able to post more on this blog. -But living with someone will of course mean that I have less time to actually do it, so I may not be able to blog every day of the week.

   In the short term I will use some time to get settled in where I am now. There's quite a lot to get sorted when you move from one country to another. I also need to go back to Norway to get the last of my stuff sorted there. (I was back for nearly three weeks, but flu made it impossible for me to get everything sorted on that trip.)
   In the long term I hope to be able to finally get this blog on something resembling the schedule I was planning for when I started it. And I will also be able to attend some SFF conventions and hopefully meet people in person that I have only met online so far. (My first convention will be this year's Eastercon.)

   The basics of my blog will not change. There will be reviews of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror books for the most part. There will also be reviews of some books outside those genres, and I will probably do more opinion pieces, and try for more articles that need some research and can be posted at any time.

   Hope you will come back here later and check out what is going on.