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01 June, 2010


About "Review Update".

   At the beginning of every month I'm going to do one of these update posts where I tell you what is happening with the books I have reviewed previously. News about new editions, be it paperback releases or release in another territory, and new volumes in a series that is released. Since I am Norwegian myself, I will also try to do updates on releases in other languages, but will not hunt for those all over the internet.
   But if you are an author, publicist, publisher or agent who has had a book reviewed here and know of an upcoming event, please contact me by e-mail: weirdmage[at]yahoo[dot]com , and I will post about it.
    May has been a "test month" for me on the blog, so I've only done three reviews, but there is still some updates.

June is a busy month for Mark Charan Newton. First is the UK Paperback release of Nights of Villjamur from Tor UK on the 4th of June.
ISBN: 978-0-330-46166-5

My review is found here .

Also out on the 4th of June, and also from Tor UK, is Book Two of Legends of the Red Sun - City of Ruin.
ISBN: 978-0-239-71269-1

I will read and review this later.

And finally, on the 29th of June the US edition of Nights of Villjamur will be published by Bantam Spectra (Random House).
ISBN: 978-0-345-52084-5

My review is (still) here .


  1. The paperback edition in the US has the same cover than the UK one-- Me loves it... But I tend to buy HC ones, they last longer :-)

    Which one should I get? *LOL- what a dilemma, hehe*

  2. the hardbacks are gorgeous on these, the other covers re very nice too of course.


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