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23 August, 2011


   You may have noticed that this blog has been in stasis for the last four months. This has mostly been due to my internet being horrible in that period. I tried blogging several times before giving up and waiting for my internet to stabilize. Hopefully it is back to the way it should be now.

   I was planning this to be my first post, followed by a review later today. But as you may already have seen, I felt I just had to write this post as soon as my curiosity led me to find out about something strange with one of this years Hugo winners. I also planned on this post going up yesterday, but lousy internet and the need for sleep delayed it until now.

   Back to what is happening with the blog. I plan to do at least three post a week, at least two of those will be reviews. And it is highly likely that I will do some articles and opinion pieces fairly regularly.
   I don't think you'll notice any huge differences if you used to read the blog before my hiatus. But I will do some reviews outside the SFF genre in the future, and I have already plans for an English language review of a Norwegian book that has not been translated into English yet. And I might do more of those if it's a book that I feel is interesting to people elsewhere in the world.

   Later today will see my first review in a long while posted. (Unless my internet decides to not work again.) I hope you will follow my blog in the future. Any comments and suggestions are welcome by the way :-)

-Ole aka Weirdmage

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