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27 April, 2013


   The cover for the next Harry Hole book by Jo Nesbø has been revealed. It is published in Norwegian 6 June. (Not sure about a release date for an English translation, but later this year has been mentioned.) The title simply means "Police". -Which may or may not be the English title.The publisher (Aschehoug) has also put their cover copy online. Here's my translation of it:

In the hospital a critically injured man lies in a coma. The room is guarded by the police, and no one is told what the name of the mysterious patient is. Meanwhile policemen are found murdered at the scene of old, unsolved murders. The police stand without any evidence and on top of that are missing their best investigator. In the hospital the patient is showing signs of regaining consciousness.

And the Norwegian original:

På et sykehus ligger en hardt skadet mann i koma. Rommet bevoktes av politiet, og ingen får vite hva den mystiske pasienten heter. Samtidig blir politimenn funnet drept på åsteder for gamle, uoppklarte drap. Politiet står uten spor og mangler i tillegg sin beste etterforsker. På sykehuset viser pasienten tegn til å komme til bevissthet.

   I'm a big fan of Nesbø's Harry Hole books, and this is one I'm really looking forward to. As I did with the last one, I'll get it on release day.

NOTE: For those who want to know how Harry Hole is actually pronounced, Nesbø says it at the start of this video. (It's in the first two seconds of the video.)

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