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24 October, 2013


   This cover is designed by Jo Thomson at Tor UK, using Shutterstock images. It's for the first volume in The Blackheart Legacy trilogy, and it will be out in February 2014. I've wanted to read this book for a long time, and I'm really glad it has gotten such a great cover. Really looking forward to getting a hold of this. (And it comes out the month of my birthday too.) -You can read how Liz reacted when she first saw it here.

   For the second book in the Bloodsounder's Arc we have this one, coming from Night Shade Books in early summer of 2014. This is a very traditional character/action oriented Fantasy cover. I like those types of covers, and I like this one.

   From Tor UK, out 10 April 2014, we get this cover. It's really beautiful, there's no doubt about that. I still get a little bit of cognitive dissonance, because this looks more like a movie poster to my brain.

  This is a Joey Hi-Fi cover. Done for South African publisher Umuzi, and the book is due for a April 2014 release. It's certainly different, and downright eerie. But I like that about it, and I think this is a very good cover.

   A Black Sheep cover for a June 2014 Gollancz release. This certainly has a special look, and it really draws the eye. I like for the retro feel it has.

   The final cover today is from a children's book that is published in Norwegian 14 November by Aschehoug. The cover illustration is by Svein Nyhus. This book is based on the viral hit song "What Does the Fox Say?", and is written by the Ylvis brothers (, those who made the song). You can look at the Norwegian press release about it here.

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  1. Oh wow, the cover for Banished is gorgeous! Certainly enough to grab my attention; now I want to read it so I can find out more about what's behind the image!

    And I'm also really looking forward to Veil of the Deserters. I was quite impressed with the first book of the series and have been anxiously waiting on the second one prety much since I finished the one before it! :D


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