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16 May, 2014


   First up, this cover has art by Richard Anderson. The book is the first in the series, and it is coming from Angry Robot 2 September 2014 in North America and E-book/ 4 September 2014 in the UK. I really like this image. It is a style I like, and it is really eye catching. It is somewhat reminiscent of 1990s Heavy Metal. I mean that in a good way, because this makes me want to get hold of the book.

   Last time I did the cover to the first book in the Marakand, this is the cover to the second one ( ,it's a two book series,) - also with art by Raymond Swanland. It will be out in December 2014 from PYR. I said last time that I was a fan the cover to the first volume, but I actually think this is even better. This is simply an excellent image.

   This is the cover for a movie novelisation, out in early 2015 from Gollancz. You can read a lot more about the book, and the movie, on Gollancz's blog. This cover drew me in immediately. To be frank though, I'm not sure I am as excited about the novelisation is I am about the movie, but this looks really good.

   This Horror novel will be out from Solaris in October 2014. It is done by Pye Parr, and you can read the author's thoughts about the book, accompanied by a slightly earlier draft of the cover, here. I like this. It's one of those pared down and stylish covers that work very well. Nice 3-D effect with the lightbulb too.

   Artwork by Kenn Brown adorns this omnibus coming from DAW, coming 2 September 2014. The author talks about the cover (, and you can see the original individual ones, ) here. I liked this cover immediately, even before I had any clue as to what the book was about (, other than it being SFF). It's an interesting image that compels you to take a closer look at the book behind it.

   10 March 2015 is the release date for this novel from Orbit. I've confessed earlier in these posts that I like the traditional style Science Fiction covers. There is absolutely no reason to make any exception for this one. It's a Science Fiction novel with a spaceship on the cover. I like that.

    Out from Solaris 9 October 2014 we have this anthology. That is some great dragons. Anthology covers are usually pretty generic for what the anthology is supposed to cover. This one differs somewhat from many of those it could be compared to, and I think that will make it stand out. I also like this image a lot, there's enough detail here to keep you looking for more than a few seconds.

   Will Staehle made this cover for a 26 August 2014 North America and E-book/ 4 September 2014 UK release from Angry Robot. The artist talks about the cover over on The image is a very nice one, cleverly done. I like the effect with the bullets and casings. It is a bit too bright though for my tastes, a little bit too much white.

   Robbie Trevino is the artist behind this one. The image has been reworked from last years Hardcover release for a paperback release from Night Shade Books 1 July 2014. The author talks about his thought about the changes here. This is an action-snapshot cover, and a very good one. The image comes more into its own here than on the HC, and I also like the design a bit better. I also can't help wondering what happens in the next second or two after what we can see here...

   Finally, we have another paperback edition. This one is coming July 2014 from Tor UK. According to the author this will be gold foiled and supermatt finished. (Do ask Mark about his feelings on supermatt finish on Twitter.) I seriously doubt it's a coincidence that we can see the name C.J. Sansom on this cover. It does resemble Pan Macmillan's Sansom covers. For me that is absolutely not a minus. I would definitely pick this up if I saw this cover, I think it's a great one.

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