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01 April, 2014


   This anthology series has now moved over to Solaris, and their first will be out 13 May this year. The image is pretty standard for Science Fiction, and especially Science Fiction anthologies. I'm perfectly fine with that, as I like these traditional covers. I must say I'm pretty excited by the names on the cover, especially since I already have an e-ARC of this.

   Another year's best anthology, this one from St. Martin's Press. There are some exciting names here too. The image is if anything even more traditional, in that it harkens back to the Pulp magazine era. As above, I like this one too. The art here is great, and the image makes me curious about the content.

   To finish off a trinity of anthologies, we have this Titan Books reprint of a 2001 anthology (, if my Google-Fu is correct). It will be out 27 June 2014, and it looks like a very interesting anthology. When it comes to the cover, it is again pretty traditional, this time in its representation of Cthulhu. I like it.

   The third Southern Reach trilogy book has gotten its Farrar, Stroux and Giroux (US) cover. The book will be out 2 September. As with the cover for the first book, I really like this cover. It's a cover that will "pop" in the stores, and it is something I'd pick up to look at further.

   This one was actually out from Solaris on 26 March. I'm a bit behind, so I decided to include it anyway. It's also a cover I really like, and the book's description makes me even more curious. I will be reading this.

   This is the US, Random House Del Rey, HC cover for the book coming 8 July 2014. It is very stylised, much more so than I would have expected from a US release. I actually had to check that this was not the UK cover, since they tend to be more minimalistic in their approach. I like it a lot, it's simple in the right way to tickle my fancy.

This is another book that is out already. This one on 27 March from Tor UK. It's the follow up to Malice. This is a really good cover, I especially like the axe. I think I have to get my hands on both this and the previous book.

   From Angry Robot Books there is this cover by Steve Stone. The book has a 24 June release date. As always with Angry Robot we are getting a really good cover. (Although my girlfriend tells me he's holding the rapier the wrong way.) It's one of the top handful of hooded-man covers of all time for me.

   I've previously featured the US cover for this book. The UK edition will be out 5 June, and the artwork is by Jason Chan. This is an intriguing cover to me, and I would really like to read the book it represents. Taking the two (very) different covers together makes me want to read it even more.

   This is also one where I have previously shown the US cover. The difference here is really slight, but it makes for a cover that is quite different to look at. I must say that I like the UK one a bit better.

   That's it for this time. I'll be back with more covers pretty soon, so keep your browsers pointed in this direction if you are interested in these posts.

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