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09 April, 2014


   The UK edition of Stephen King's latest, coming in 3 June from Hodder & Stoughton, has gotten a cover. (An animated version can be found here.) It's quite different from the US one in style, but the image is somewhat similar. I really like this one. Which is no surprise. I like the Hodder & Stoughton covers for Stephen King quite a lot, and this is no exception to that.

   This should be out on 3 June also, but this time from Night Shade Books. It certainly has a very good Horror feel to it, and the art looks really great. Definitely one of those covers that would make me look twice in the bookstore. And considering what it is, I would then pick the book up.

   This is an Epic Fantasy from a debut author. It will be out in late April from South Africa's Fox & Raven Publishing. The art is by Rashieq Sasman, with cover design by Hannes Strydom. It's an interesting cover, and I like these type of covers for Epic Fantasy, so this one got me interested. If like with me this has gotten you interested in finding out more, you can do so here.

   This is the cover for the first book in a new series from Charlaine Harris called Midnight, Texas. It's out 8 May from Gollancz. You can see a nice animated reveal thingy here. I must admit that I haven't read any of Harris's previous books (, although that may change in the near future as my sister-in-law has all of the Sookie Stackhouse ones), but this cover looks interesting to me. I'd pick this up to see what it was all about if I found it in the SFF section of the bookstore.

   From Angry Robot we have this cover, with art by Alejandro Colucci. It's for the second book in The Majat Code and the novel will be out 29 July 2014. It's a very good cover, the art is excellent. This is absolutely good enough to stand out among a group of Fantasy covers, and that would definitely make me want to pick the book up.

   This, from Tor Books, is the follow up to the award nominated Blindsight, it will be out 26 August 2014. The art is by Richard Anderson. I hadn't looked up this book, or the previous one, yet. But this cover made me take a quick peek while I was writing this post. (Which is how I found out you can get Blindsight for free here.) It's a very good Science Fiction cover, one that belongs to a style that will always make me look at the novel.

   Out from Gollancz in September this year. This novel has got a cover with art by Chris Gibbs and in-house design by Jamie Tanner. This cover immediately caught my eye, there is just something about that that means I'm drawn to it. (No, not the eye in the middle.) Reading the cover copy here hasn't made me less interested, so I think I will pick this one up.

   Another novel of The Malazan Empire, this one out 3 July (on Kindle only?) with a paper release to follow 5 August from Tor Books. The art is good but I think I can spot some copy/pasting going on, and that seems a bit lazy. Other than that it is fine, but then again I am not sure I would use a cover that will put many people in mind of the Wall from A Song of Ice and Fire.

   This cover is for the final spoof/mash-up book of the Original Star Wars Trilogy. (The good one.) It will be out 1 July 2014 from Quirk Books. To be honest, I am not really interested in the book as a concept. It just doesn't hold enough of an appeal to me to be worth spending money, or time, on. The cover is however an interesting one, and I quite like that. Would make for a good poster for those that like both the Bard and Star Wars.

   I did the US cover for this last week. This is the UK one, and it is coming 3 July from Harper Voyager. I mentioned last time that I thought that cover looked more like a UK one. Well, it still does, but this one is also quite typical of some UK covers. I must say that I do like this better than the US one. It is still quite stylised, but the addition of a painting with some figures in it draws me in a bit more than the US one.


  1. Consider my attention also caught by "The Relic Guild." The cover alone could have gotten me to give it a look, but the description definitely makes me want to read it. Thanks for the recc!

    1. Well, it was Gollancz who brought it to my attention. Just thought it was worth posting about it.

  2. Many thanks for including the cover, Ole, Rashieq is also damned happy! :-) All of these books look awesome, some very talented people out there. :-)


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