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24 April, 2014


   The art is by Erik Mohr on this novel from Angry Robot. It will be out 30 September 2014 in North America and E-book, and 2 October 2014 in the UK. More info about this one can be found here. I really like Ashby's writing, and I would be looking forward to this book no matter what the cover was. That being said, this is an awesome cover. And it fits what the book is described as perfectly

   This is an anthology coming from Robinson 16 October 2014. The art is by Joe Roberts. Judging by the names of the authors included in this (, there's a few more here,) this will be an absolute must-buy. It does of course not hurt this book that it has gotten a great Science Fiction cover. ETA: While writing this blogpost, this came to my attention. It gives the whole table of contents, and a US release date of 2 December from Running Press. With the whole TOC, this is definitely an anthology that can't be missed.

   Hang on, didn't I do this already? ...Nope that was the first Shadow Watch novel. (Doing these posts and getting ARCs really make you confused about release dates. Sometimes I ask people that doesn't blog, or work in publishing, if they've read a book that isn't out yet.) This one also has a cover by Amazing 15, and it will be out from Angry Robot. The release date is 28 October in E-book/North America and 6 November in the UK. Like the first novel, I am really intrigued by this cover, and I think it is a great one.

   OK...deja vu... The cover for this books predecessor is here. Also from Angry Robot, this cover is by John Coulthart. It will be out 27 January 2015 in North America/E-book, and UK 5 February 2015. I am actually going to be incredibly lazy, and copy/paste what I wrote on the previous cover: "There is really a lot of detail in this, and the art makes for a quite intriguing visual. Not only is the art itself something I wouldn't mind having on my wall, but as a cover it makes me want to check out the book." -Both of the covers are great, and together they are absolutely excellent. They would make for great posters side by side on a wall.

   This is the first book in a new series called Magisterium. Book design by Whitney Lyle. Out 9 September 2014 from Scholastic US. The target audience is 8-12 year-olds (, or Middle Grade). You can get an excerpt of the book here. The comic book/cartoon look of this cover more or less screams "for kids", which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I think it is a very good cover, and I would take another look at this book because of it. (I already did. I found this cover on a Google image search.)

  This is a re-issue, coming 7 August 2014 from Corsair (Constable & Robinson). It is the authorised sequel to John Wyndham's The Day of the Triffids. It was originally published back in 2002, and it won the British Fantasy Award for best novel. This cover is pretty pared down, almost symbolic. Since I have read Wyndham's original, I will say that this cover fits very well. I certainly like it a lot, and I will try to get my hands on the book.

   This is the first book in The Nightbirds trilogy, coming 1 July 2014 from Tor. It's kind of a strange cover. It looks more like something one would expect from a Romance cover, until you notice the moths...and the death-like pose of the woman. It's those details that drew my eye to this cover, it's a bit intriguing.

   This is the first in a new series, coming November 2014 from Harlequin Teen. It's about dragons in the contemporary world. According to the write up I saw, the film rights have already been sold. It was the dragonscale effect that drew me to this cover, I really like how that is done. Very nice and uncluttered.

   This one is coming 1 July 2014 in North America/E-book, 3 July UK, from Strange Chemistry. This is one of the most pared down SFF covers I have seen for a book that is not by a big name. It's an's looking at kind of have to look back don't you? And maybe turn it around and see what the book is all about...

   This is coming 18 September 2014 from Robinson. I'll be honest and say that I find the cover a bit boring, and bland. This could very well have been a Historical Romance cover, it lacks that little bit that identifies it as SFF. Not that the cover really matters, it's what is inside anthologies like this that matter. And apart from what you can see on the cover, the publisher's website gives us the names Jay Lake, Carrie Vaughn, and K.J. Parker. I look forward to seeing the whole TOC.


  1. Anything by Madeline Ashby, I want to read. Can't wait for "Company Town" to be released!

    And I happily got an e-ARC of "Some Fine Day" through NetGalley, and it looks quite interesting, so I'm looking forward to starting it soon. Probably next month, at this rate, since I'm behind on my reading and really need to focus on some others before I move on to anything else. :p

    1. I refuse to make any sort of comment on the subject of being behind on reading...