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14 April, 2014


Me outside my TARDIS.*

    Easter is not going to be as was planned for me. Originially me and Jo was going to go to Eastercon in Glasgow. It did however become clear last week that we simply could not afford to do that at this moment. So I figured I should do something on the blog this week, instead of taking a break for Eastercon as planned. The choice of what to do wasn't really that difficult: Doctor Who!

   I have been lucky enough to get several of BBC Books/Ebury Publishing's Time Trips novellas for review from NetGalley (, I already reviewed the first one), along with the Tales From Trenzalore anthology of shorts. So the rest of this week on the blog will be dedicated to reviewing those. Although I might sneak in a cover reveal round-up post too.
   So strap in and get ready for some time-travel.

*May in fact be a picture of me outside the police box that is located in front of the police station in Wetherby.

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