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18 April, 2014


   This cover is by Todd Lockwood, and it will grace this follow up to A Natural History of Dragons when it comes out from Tor in March 2015. You can read a bit more about it here. I think this is a really great cover, but this doesn't really do the art full justice, so here you have the full cover:

(Clicking on this should give you a better look at it.)

   Coming from Angry Robot 29 July this year, with art by John Coulthart, we have this interesting cover. There is really a lot of detail in this, and the art makes for a quite intriguing visual. Not only is the art itself something I wouldn't mind having on my wall, but as a cover it makes me want to check out the book.

   This cover is for the concluding volume in the Hellhole Trilogy. It will be out 12 August 2014 from Tor, and the art is by Stephen Youll. I really like this art. It's pretty surreal as an image, and that appeals to me. I'm interested in what is behind this, and I now have plans to check out the Hellhole books at some point.

   This one is from Tor Books, and is for the semi-sequel (author's words) to Mainline. When it comes to the release date...that is a little unclear. When I first saw the cover late last year (, apparently long after it was first revealed,) it had a 12 August 2014 release date attached. When putting this post together I have seen two different dates, 1 April 2015 and 1 August 2015. It doesn't really matter for the cover though; I like it a lot. It's a really striking piece of art, and I will be on the lookout for this whenever it is out.

   Joey Hi-Fi art is what we have gotten on the sequel to Blue Blazes, coming from Angry Robot 30 December 2014. There is a lot of details here, and a lot going on in those details. But even so, the black & white and red cover gives a bit of a subdued feeling. I like this one, and by the look of it I should try to get the first book read before this one's out.

   From Strange Chemistry, we have this Dominic Harman cover. It is for the follow up to Cracked, and this will be out in August 2014. I think I have mentioned earlier in one of these posts that I like the image of a skull, and as images of skulls go this is a really good one. I actually think this would work very well as a full sized poster.

   This anthology will be out 18 September 2014 from Robinson. You can see more of the authors involved at the publisher's page for it. The art is serviceable, in fact it is a pretty good Steampunk cover. But what excites me about this anthology is the authors involved. I think I need to get my hands on this.

   Also from Robinson, this one coming 16 October 2014. As it says on the cover, this is the 25th anniversary for these, and you can see traces of the earlier books in this cover. It's a good cover for a Horror Anthology, and it is one I like.

   From Tor/Seven Seas, we have this graphic novel of the famous novel. It will be out 8 July 2014. I have read the novel, and I liked that quite a lot. This cover is fitting for the story I know, so that makes me like this. But of course the interior art will be pretty crucial, and I am curious to see that.

   A double bill to end this post. The top cover is the US one, coming 7 October 2014 from Del Rey. The bottom one is the UK one from Gollancz, coming 20 November 2014. I think both of these are good covers, and I like them both. They are different though, so which one you like will probably depend of personal cover art preference. The UK cover is more to my taste, but I have absolutely nothing against the US cover.


  1. An excellent round up of covers. I will have to check out the ones I wasn't already familiar with. Splintergate cider is indeed amazing and I love the Basilisk one as well!

  2. Those History of Dragons books look like fun. I should break down and buy one.